Free Mentoring Program


Interested, but don't know anything about raising alpacas?  Ask about our free Mentorship Program for new alpaca enthusiasts!

Curious about alpacas, but unsure how to start?  Want to make educated decisions about your first animals?  Silken Suri Alpaca Ranch offers FREE seminars & individual mentoring to help you become an informed buyer who can recognize alpaca quality and value.  Avoid common mistakes made by new breeders. 


Topics include: 

Choosing the Right Alpacas,

Starting a Herd,

Alpaca Care & Nutrition,

Ranch Layout,

Raising Alpacas for Profit,

Tax Benefits,

Alpaca Marketing and

Breeding & Birthing.  

"Amber has been our mentor from the get go.  She has always been there to answer questions & to hold my hand.  I can bounce ideas off of her & feel confident in the advice she gives me"

- Hillary